Best Gps App For Truckers

Driving a tractor trailer is quite difficult. Thus, the most unnecessary thing a truck driver would be to get stuck with a low suspension bridge or a road that forbids a passing truck.

Trucks can not pass some of the routes open to smaller vehicles, which is why the drivers need a special navigation tool.

This tool is dibesut by a Dutch company called TomTom. The tool announced at the IFA event is named Trucker 5000. A GPS navigation unit that can customize its route based on vehicle type, type, weight, cargo and speed. All the user has to do is type in the specifications on his 5-inch screen, and the Trucker 5000 will do the job.

When a route is selected, the device informs the driver of the speed camera and traffic conditions. Will show you exactly where problem areas are located so the driver can plan his trip and avoid trouble. There is also an Active Lane Guidance feature that can help truck drivers to stay on the right lane.

After the driving trip has been completed and it is the turn of the trip home, the truck driver just changes the type of vehicle back to normal and the Trucker 6000 will work like any other GPS for regular cars. This product is now available and can be ordered on the TomTom website with a $ 400 price tag. There is also a 6-inch version that costs $ 600.