Free Gps Location By Phone Number

You are just looking for the location of someone who does not know where the place, should ask with whom, would be confused especially if there is a problem again. of course this is important to do to know the location of someone you want.

A person’s location can be searched or tracked where it only takes 1 minute, with this trick you feel like an Intelligence that is hunting someone. how is this possible you can do to know the location or position of someone? probably because with the help of android apps everything can be possible.

This time I will share an application that you can use to track someone’s location via hp number. here’s how you should do:

How to Know Someone’s Position via Mobile Number

Now it is very to know the position of someone can be done via mobile phone number, very many reasons why we want to track someone’s existence. Here I will give you 2 tricks you can do that is through android application and via internet (online), following explanation.

How to Track Someone’s Position with Android App

The way that pertami is intended for android application users, namely with the help of GPS applications track hp number. To use this trick you must first install the application that is available for free following:

  • First download the GPS Tracking Cell Phone
  • First install the application to complete.
  • Open the application and enter the phone number you want to track in the search field.
  • After the search will see the results. You can also see the history of the location you are looking for.

What features exist in the GPS Tracking HP Number app

  • ¬†Absolutely free for unlimited number of friends. All features are free.
  • You will get instant notifications when your friends or family members move from one location to another.
  • It points your friend’s exact location and provides navigational help on the map so you can route to their designated destinations.
  • Friend’s location shows the status of your friend’s cell phone battery.
  • This app stores all historical locations for an unlimited number of friends.
  • shows your friend’s location tracking history in an easy way.
  • use GPS or cell tracking to optimize your location tracking experience.
  • Find friend locations in real time using simple steps.
  • You can see friends full historical locations on the map at any time.
  • This app displays the battery charging percentage of your friend’s phone in every location.
  • How to Track Someone’s Llokasi Through HP Number Through Internet

The second trick is to track someone’s position with the help of the Internet network, you can pass this trick without android smartphone is the most important is to connect to the internet. Here are the steps you should do:

  1. Please open your browser media, can go through mozilla, chrome, opera, safari etc.
  2. Then open the site
  3. Then enter your phone number and click the Search button
  4. Then will appear below the location no phone you are looking for
  5. Done


But you need to know, as long as I look for applications and tricks to find someone through the mobile phone number there is no single tri is accurate. The first trick is very accurate, but with the condition that the person you are looking for is also registered on the application. As for the second trick is a search trick mobile phone number only show where the registration card just so can be said not accurate.

And you need to know, there is no application or any tricks diinternet you can use to track someone’s position, for example the phone again lost or the location of the boyfriend. So my advice if you want to track the location of someone whether the boyfriend or ex should both install the GPS tracker application hp number, so you will know the history of the existence of the number you are tracking.

I apologize if the above explanation is confusing, but essentially if you use the application then must be both installed and registered on the application.

Thus information to track the location of a person’s phone number with the best application and over the internet that can help track someone’s position. use this aplikais well and hopefully useful.