Gps To Track Car

Theft of cars is now increasingly widespread, a variety of ways done the thief in order to get the target of something that will be stolen. Their knowledge also developed for the success of the action. Sometimes cars that are equipped with anti-theft technology are still able to take them.

But if you still feel less, you can install some anti-theft equipment, such as a double lock and steering wheel keys.

Additionally install a tracker on your car. Now many thieves are trying to break into your car by breaking the glass without sound using spark plugs. It is certainly beyond the control of the owner of the vehicle even though various anti-theft equipment is applied.

Another solution that can be used is to equip the vehicle with Global Positioning System (GPS). GPS function to enable the driver to know where the position of the vehicle through a particular device more accurately.

By installing this tracker, you will not lose track of your vehicle when it is stolen by irresponsible people. In fact, advanced technology now allows you to turn off the car using just the phone.

How to use GPS tracker

The benefits of GPS tracker car that can track the vehicle that fitted the tool. GPS tracker useful for example cars that have been installed the tool is borrowed or taken away, including stolen, car owners can find out where the car was located.

How to track it can use a cell phone, can also use the internet. If using HP, car owners must send SMS with a certain format to the number that is installed on the GPS car tracker. after the SMS is sent, wait for replies from the GPS car tracker, replies in the form of links or map coordinates.

Links or coordinates can be opened with HP that already supports map or map applications, more perfect if opened with a smart HP like android or iPhone. Once opened, there will be a red pin in the map showing the location of the car.

If we keep track of using the internet, we must log in to the tracking site with username and password. Within the tracking site, many features make it easy to track and monitor and report other important reports.

In Indonesia, GPS car tracker products are outstanding models are very diverse, type, and brand. The price is also various, some are cheap, some are, and certainly there are expensive. All depends on brand and quality.