Gps Tracking App Without Permission

Tracing, hearing this word generally associates it directly with a spy, spy, or intelligence that works with a complex and complex set of tools. The goal is to know the position or existence of a person in the digital map available on the tracking device.

But the development of telematics today has changed the layman’s picture. Tracking is no longer an activity that only special people can do. The devices used are even simpler and easier to obtain. In other words, the technology available today allows anyone to find out the position (location) of themselves, other people, pets, or vehicles inside the digital map.

What tools or tools can be used to track objects? The answer is all the tools that utilize the technology of Global Positioning System (GPS) or Global Positioning System. Although GPS is not the only technology that can be used for it, but GPS technology has the most precise accuracy and has been applied widely in various navigation purposes.

First of all it should be understood that GPS works with the help of synchronization (alignment) of satellite signals to determine the coordinates on the surface of the earth. Of course, to capture the signal it takes a receiver (sensor). So, someone who wants to track the whereabouts of others, should be able to ensure that the person he is tracking also carries a tool that can receive or transmit signals. This is an absolute requirement.

Track with GPS Tracker

GPS tool used to track the position of an object commonly called GPS Tracker or GPS Tracking. Generally used to search, monitor, and restrict the location of mobile assets such as motor vehicles. Some of the bigger ones (the size of a mobile phone) are fitted closely in the car, some are smaller for a motorcycle. The weight is quite light, ranging from 700 to 900 grams.

Tools that implement GPS Tracking System technology can also be used personally, for example to monitor children or parents when traveling out of the house. That way users no longer feel too worried if the family lost. Tools equipped with digital map software monitored through this website will show the existence of our family, the path traveled, and the distance. The trick is simply by putting a GPS device in a bag or pocket pants worn by the child or the parent.

In addition to personal use, GPS Tracker is also widely used by freight companies or transport fleet such as taxi. Its main function is to monitor live tracking or real time current vehicle positioning, as well as analyze the activity of the movement of vehicles such as the passing lane, the speed of the vehicle, and the length of vehicle parking in a place.

The control officer in an expedition company can recommend the fastest path to the driver to reach the destination, estimate the travel time, and ensure the freight forwarder arrives at the destination on time.

Not just as a tracking tool, GPS Tracker for cars can also tap the voice of conversation in the car. Can also turn off the vehicle engine from a distance if the vehicle is suspected not functioned properly, such as exceeding the tolerance of the speed limit, off the track, to detect when the vehicle has become a victim of theft.

How to use GPS Tracking for that vehicle?

  1. Special tools such as vehicle tracking device pinned on the vehicle to be monitored. This tool will work in the GPS sensor system to monitor the position of coordinates, speed, and direction of the vehicle.
  2. To enable vehicle tracking device required a GSM card that will transmit position signal and, on the contrary, receive signal from user / control officer when requesting vehicle position information. We should first know the difference between GSM and CDMA and the advantages and disadvantages of GSM and CDMA networks to avoid wrong in its use.
  3. To request information, the user / control officer simply short-circuit such as sending an SMS or miss call to the GSM number contained on the sensor device that has been pinned on the vehicle. Furthermore the user / control officer will receive SMS coordinate information position vehicle.
  4. Monitoring is not only via SMS. Users / control officers can also apply the tracking system through web monitoring media using Google Maps or Google Earth. Of course computer monitoring must be connected to the internet. In this case we should first learn how to choose a computer server and the various benefits of studying computer science, as a foundation for its application in everyday life.