How Much Does A Iphone 6 Cost

iPhone 6 made by Apple Inc. has been officially marketed to several countries. In general, the company put up a price for the iPhone 6 starting at US $ 649.

But, what exactly is the cost of producing iPhone 6 issued by Apple? A demolition of the iPhone 6 is done by blog to answer the question how much it costs Apple to make the new device.

Once dismantled, then browse the components that are embedded in the new series of the iPhone. Search conducted shows that Apple only requires a total fund of US $ 227.

According to Tech In Sight, the funds are used for the new A8 processor from Qualcomm A8 for US $ 59.5, touch screen and panel for US $ 41.5, connectivity components such as mobile, wifi, bluetooth and others for US $ 40, 5.

The other costs are incurred for the camera of US $ 16.5, then for memory and storage space of US $ 14. The site also mentions the material needs and other production process of US $ 77.

Apple is known to install a fairly high price for homemade products. When examined from the price of production obtained by observers, usually Apple can membanderol products up to 3 times. But keep in mind, the funds are only components only, not including research and development costs and other costs.

Although priced at a fairly high price, the iPhone 6 claimed success in the market. During the first 24 hours of the booking session, the Cupertino company claimed to have received orders of up to 4 million units in several countries.