How To Create An App For Iphone

How To Make Applications For Android and Whindows Phone APP?
This third-party service will even handle your app delivery process to various stores such as Google Play, iOS App Store, or Windows Phone app store. We’ll cover some of the services below, but let’s start with a very basic overview of each environment and how to break into it yourself. While Android is a larger ecosystem around the world, iOS is in the midst of a very memorable return. And if you want to make cash, iOS users have shown that they are much more willing to actually spend money on apps.

Before starting here, you should also know that Apple keeps a much tighter lock in its store than Google or Microsoft. You must follow the Cupertino rules. Firstly, you must register in the iOS Developer Program, where membership starts at $ 99 / year, there are different levels for companies and education. You do not use third-party development tools, you must first download XCode – the official IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for iOS and Mac – from the Mac app store. You do not need any programming knowledge to use this Xcode,but you can help if you want to get into the ins and outs of programming.

The main language iOS app is written in the Objective-C programming language, a tutorial on it can be found here. Last year, Apple introduced the less efficient Swift programming language to be used in conjunction with Objective-C, (which you can learn more here). Apple provides basic tutorials on using Xcode here. Apple also offers a suite of additional tools that will help you test, distribute and monetize your app.Once your app is developed and tested, you must submit it for review by Apple before it is included in the App Store. The official attitude of Apple is that “the review time may vary for each app.” If your application was rejected for some reason (Apple’s long guidelines list is here), you can appeal to the “App Review Board”. But eventually, Cupertino always has the last say.

Android app
In order to submit apps directly to Google Play you need to sign up for a Google Play Developer account, which will charge a one-time fee of $ 25. Submitting apps to Google Play is a much less exact activity than the App Store-once submitted, it should be available in multiple Hour.If you want an overview, Google offers a great step-by-step training guide for beginner developers.

The first thing you need to do is download Android Studio. While there are other IDEs out there, Studio is an official Android device and is available for download on Windows, Mac, or Linux. If you want to design Android, this might help to get to know Java programming language. This is not the only language built by Android apps, but this is basic. Android Studio gives you the opportunity to develop, test, and monetize your apps. Once you’ve developed and tested your app, you’ll publish it using the Google Play Developer Console.

Windows Phone app
Windows is the smallest mobile OS environment, but because it seeks to bridge the Windows desktop environment, mobile and tablets with Windows 10 seamlessly, Windows may become more robust. Time will tell if this strategy will work. For an overview of the development process, Windows Phone has a great development guide available here. First you need to sign up for Windows Developer Account and pay a one-time $ 19 fee.
You need to use Microsoft Visual Studio to develop the application. Windows Phone like a typical Windows application – written in various languages ​​including C # or C ++ with XAML, C ++ with DirectX, and JavaScript with HTML / CSS.
If you want to test on your phone you need to register it as a test tool, although there are some Windows Phone emulators you can use as well. Once done, you can publish to Windows Phone store. Microsoft has also created a developer package that is peeled in the form of Windows App Studio, which allows someone with a Microsoft account to create cross-platform Windows applications with just a few clicks. No programming knowledge is required.