Low Voltage Pool Light

Low Voltage Pool Lights

If you know I have a low-voltage swimming light controlled with an on or off button mounted on the side of the breaker panel. There is a striped black cable from the breaker to the switch. There is a red wire (load) coming out of the switch to the transformer.

All work I bought a T101R timer that I wanted to install and also wanted to keep using the switch vs the manual lever on the timer if you understand that the timer should be in active mode as well. Then I connect to the black wire between the switch and the breaker and point it to the line terminal on t101 which also has one white wire to the timer motor. I then inserted a red wire between the switch and the transformer and directed it to the load terminal on the timer. Grounded all then flipped the breaker.

The lamp works when switching the manual timer manually even if the switch is turned off. However, the timer does not work properly. There is a second white cable connected to terminal A and into the motor timer. Coming that way out of the box, I suspect that the wire needs to be somewhere else for the timer to work and but not sure where the stream is.