Smartwatches Compatible With Iphone

Apple Watch now has a rival. Currently Google has brought its Android smartwatch to the iPhone.

However, this does not apply to all Android-powered smartwatch.

Digital Spy reports currently only three smartwatch compatible with iOS Android Wear app, including LG Watch Urbane, and smartwatch that will soon be released Huawei Watch and ASUS ZenWatch 2.

For iPhone users, the operating system used must be iOS 8.2 and the iPhone device is less than three years old.

IPhone devices that can pair with Android smartwatch is iPhone 5 or later.

In order to connect Watch Urbane with iOS devices, users must download the Android Wear app first and follow the onscreen instructions.

Furthermore, Google has confirmed that Motorola smartwatch will also connect with iPhone, which means that the future of Moto 360 2 will also be compatible with iPhone.